It’s DECEMBER!!! Which means shopping, and food, and parties, and presents and decorations, and music, and Christmas, and family, and …. STRESS!

It’s a crazy time of year and people tend to find themselves pulled in 17 different directions every moment of every day. If you have kids, you probably feel the pressure to buy more, more, MORE.

And you’ve got events coming out the wazoo. You’ve got your work Christmas party on Friday, a cookie exchange on Saturday, and the Santa Clause parade on Sunday.

Then there are 4 million things you need to do to prepare for this ONE day. You have to buy a Christmas tree, decorate the tree, bake the cookies, buy the presents, WRAP the presents, put Christmas lights up on the house, decorate the house, order the turkey, cook for days, and get ready for your in-laws to arrive, all while maintaining a cheery disposition… See? Stress.

People often talk about how how the holidays are for giving, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the tinsel and lights that you forget about what it’s really all about.

The Heart Project Holiday Kindness Challenge

So in an effort to reduce all the noise of the holidays and focus on the real spirit of Christmas, I’ve created the 2019 Holiday Kindness Challenge! (Click here for your own FREE copy!) There are 30 acts of kindness to complete, but you can always alter or add your own acts of kindness to make it more relevant to you and your family.

Including Your Kids in Your Acts of Kindness

This year, I wanted to include my 3-year-old daughter in this challenge to help her start to understand that Christmas is about more than just presents! So we’ve printed it out and put it up in a place where the whole family can see it. We’re also using stickers to indicate which acts of kindness we’ve completed (because who doesn’t love stickers?!).

Follow Our Kindness Journey!

Feel free to follow our kindness journey over on Instagram @heartprojectca. And I encourage you to share your own acts of kindness! I would love to hear from you if you’re participating in the challenge, so please tag us so we can follow your kindness journey too!

Happy December folks! Let’s make this last month of the DECADE the best one yet!

With love and gratitude,

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