In the past year, I have been the recipient of so many acts of kindness- both random and intentional. When my mum passed away last summer, I was overwhelmed by the kindness and utter generosity of others. Friends, family, neighbours, and people I barely knew cooked for me, bought me groceries, looked after my daughter, helped me organize and purge my mum’s belongings (see this blog post on purging a loved one’s belongings) and contributed to meal delivery services. I don’t know what I would have done without the kindness of others during this time, and I am forever grateful to all the people who extended a helping hand without hesitation. 

Then just the other day, I was in the drive thru line at Starbucks and found out the person in the car in front of me paid for my (rather large) order. I was shocked! That small act of kindness put a smile on my face for the rest of the day (and I’m still telling people about it!). Not only that, but it inspired me to pay it forward. Now I won’t go through the drive thru without paying for someone else’s order! 

“No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many”

—Kevin Heath

Witnessing all these kind gestures is part of the reason why I started this Heart Project in the first place. Small acts of kindness create ripple effects. When someone goes out of their way to be kind, it’s hard not to want to pay it forward. And when more and more people pay it forward, that’s when we start to see change in the world. 

April 28 was global Pay It Forward day and we saw amazing acts of kindness performed throughout the world. But I think we should be looking for opportunities to pay it forward every day. Make a stranger smile by complimenting their shoes, text a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile to let them know you’re thinking about them, or simply let someone cut in front of you in line at the grocery store. Acts of kindness don’t have to be big or expensive. But they can have massive impact. 

So I challenge you to do something kind for a friend, loved one, or a complete stranger every day this month! Check out my list of 75 acts of kindness to help inspire you to pay it forward and change the world!

Together, we can make the world a kinder place! 

With love and gratitude,

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